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Name your Site

Step one is to give your store, your idea, & brand an identity with a domain so that your audience can search & locate you. Type in & search your domain to ensure your name is not being already used by someone else and make it yours.

Host Your Site

Invest in your own digital terrain ready with high speed processing and security to provide a reliable storage and connection network for your online store & more. Buy a plan fit for the level that your business is currently operating at with room to grow or with enough to sustain a high traffic site.

Design Your Site

Now the vision can be put onto the screen. With quality hosting, now you can design & create an interactive, easy to use & high storage website for your audience to reach you, your brand & your store at an instant.


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A website is a piece of digital terrain and a domain name is its address. this is what lets everyone find you and your site instantly.

The end of the website is like the zip code of the digital terrain. It is the final part of the address that directs people to your site, it can be different like a .gob or a .net which just means it is a “commercial” site although it doesn’t have to be. the .com is the most common and popular address available.

If a domain name is the address for your digital terrain then hosting is the actual house you own. The structure and all of the content need a place to exist in and hosting is just that, it keeps everything you have and lets people inside to check it out. but like most properties, you have to pay your bills or you can get evicted too.

You simply can’t have a site without these. You need a name and you need to have your content stored with the capability to have visitors and keep running smoothly. It’s a necessary expense if you want to have a digital presence in the form of  a website or digital business card.

Yes, unfortunately a good domain is always going to be vulnerable to being hacked and stolen. but you can easily protect your site by adding the security that is offered by most sites as an additional cost. HereHatch offers it included in its packages.  

The main difference is what it indicates. So .pe is telling us that it is a site based in Peru, a .net represents a “network”, while a .ca indicates canada. Etc etc .

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